1. Pick your phone – No fancy consultation booking fee or whatsoever. We know how overwhelming it can be to renovate your home and while you are already overwhelmed and perhaps scared about the costs involved we don’t want to break your bank only for a simple Coffee with ARS. So pick your phone now and briefly explain what you need. Our friendly CSR will listen to your requirements carefully.


2.Free onsite design consultation -  We book a project manager to come to you, measure up ask for more information if required and within next 24 hours of his visit we will frame up an estimate for you.


3. Going ahead – Guiding you through every step of your project is a vital part of our process and that’s why we have developed a strongly customer focused dedicated communication structure.  If you are happy with our estimate, you will be allocated with a dedicated customer service manager who will be your point of contact for everything and who will be sending you to project updates from time to time in most cases its twice a week. A site manager will be allocated to your project to ensure everything is under control on-site and everything is done with complete attention to details.


4. Accountability - Renovating older homes can come with surprises hiding below the surface. In costing your project, we aim to minimize the unknowns by identifying the things that experience has taught us to expect. We want to avoid cost blowouts and we take your budget seriously. We cut your material cost wherever possible either by directly importing quality products at many affordable prices or by tying up with affordable quality local suppliers.


5. Responsible – You don’t chase us we chase you. Living on a building site while renovations are taking place can be incredibly disruptive for you and your family. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure our teams are trustworthy, have the right attitude and appreciate the need to fit in with your life. Our dedicated site managers ensure that We Treat You And Your Home With Respect, that We Turn Up To Work On Time that We Let You Know If, For Any Reason, We’re Not Going To Be At Work, that We Keep Your Property Tidy Throughout The Project.



6.After-sales service – We don’t say bye forever once we have completed your project. We are here to listen to your concerns for more coming years and we make sure we address your concerns in a very professional manner.

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